My favorite movies of 2021

Another weird year in the books. Going to the cinema was a strategic endeavor of finding unpopular showtimes and empty theaters, but I was still able to catch a bunch of new films. Here are my favorites I saw this year.

Honorable mentions to Last Night in Soho and The Eyes of Tammy Faye which were both well made and well acted, but left me feeling not good! (Also I couldn’t decide, so it’s a list of 11.)

The Mitchells vs. the Machines 11. The Mitchells vs. the Machines

Nobody 10. Nobody

Plan B 9. Plan B

Army of the Dead 8. Army of the Dead

The Suicide Squad 7. The Suicide Squad

Tick, Tick... Boom! 6. Tick, Tick... Boom!

The French Dispatch 5. The French Dispatch

Eternals 4. Eternals

The Sparks Brothers 3. The Sparks Brothers

Spider-Man: No Way Home 2. Spider-Man: No Way Home

Encanto 1. Encanto

My favorite TV series of 2020

We watched a lot of TV series this year. I absolutely loved watching the final seasons of The Good Place and Schitt’s Creek. Top Chef All-Stars L.A. was a joy to watch. And we loved catching up on Better Call Saul, Money Heist, Community, and Lucifer.

This list though is my favorite TV series or mini series that debuted this year.

Selena The Series 10. Selena The Series

McMillions 9. McMillions

Never Have I Ever 8. Never Have I Ever

Watchmen 7. Watchmen

Love Life 6. Love Life

Little Fires Everywhere 5. Little Fires Everywhere

The Queen’s Gambit 4. The Queen’s Gambit

Lovecraft Country 3. Lovecraft Country

Devs 2. Devs

Ted Lasso 1. Ted Lasso

My favorite movies of 2020

Watching movies was pretty different this year and I seriously can’t wait until I can go to the cinema again. Still, many new movies were released and a lot of them were good (though I don’t think I loved any of them either).

I didn’t include Hamilton here since it’s not really a film, but it was a gift this year and I watched it so many times. Also I wasn’t able to catch Minari but I’m excited to see it once it has a wider release.

Onward 10. Onward

The Half of It 9. The Half of It

Da 5 Bloods 8. Da 5 Bloods

An American Pickle 7. An American Pickle

The New Mutants 6. The New Mutants

The Old Guard 5. The Old Guard

Howard 4. Howard

King of Staten Island 3. The King of Staten Island

Palm Springs 2. Palm Springs

Emma 1. Emma.


Just saw the new Emma. and it’s really wonderful and charming and funny. The costume design is top notch and these photos truly don’t do it justice. Every garment is just gorgeous to look at and I’m grateful the camera lingers long enough to really appreciate them. I recommend it!

The Bird and the Whale

Today we went to Alamo Drafthouse for a screening of the animated short films nominated for Oscars this year. Of the nominees, I hope Hair Love wins. It’s beautiful! And somehow the least devastating. (Seriously was that a requirement this year?)

After the nominees, they screened a handful of other animated shorts and wow, The Bird and the Whale is extraordinary. It’s paint-on-glass animation and all seven minutes are made of “over 4300, 24 x 34 inch paintings and took more than 14 months to paint.” The effect is gorgeous.

Here’s a trailer for the film and a behind-the-scenes video: