An urn for Helo

Before our dog Helo passed away earlier this year, Clay and I had decided that, whenever the time came, we would cremate our dogs but opt not to receive their ashes. We discussed it and felt good about our decision. And when Helo died, we stuck to the plan.

But god dammit it hurt. A couple days later we both looked at each other and knew we’d changed our minds. Luckily it was a one phone call fix and it felt like a huge weight had been lifted.

Grief just isn’t rational at all. Maybe years from now we’ll scatter his ashes somewhere, but for now, it feels right having them with us.

So then I went down a rabbit hole looking for unique urns and I found Barruntando Ceramics on Etsy, a Spanish ceramics shop that creates painterly, custom urns from photos of your pet. Truly adorable.

Ours finally arrived yesterday and it’s wonderful.

a ceramic cylindrical urn with a rounded top that looks like a little brown and black dog

the urn on a shelf

We love having this to look at and to remember our sweet Helo pup. 💚