In early January we said goodbye to our pup Helo. Since then it’s felt like time has been standing still and, at the same time, moving way too fast. We knew this day was coming soon and spent the last few months preparing and savoring every last moment. This past weekend we had to say goodbye to our first pup, our sweet Boomer.

Boomer, a black and white whippet/rat terrier mix pup

Over 13 years ago, we adopted her from the Humane Society when she was two. She’d been there for months, earning her the label Lonely Hearts Pup. It was obvious she had recently had puppies, which made her surrender by her previous family seem all the more unfathomable. But we fell in love with her instantly and brought her home. $30 all-in and the best money we’ve ever spent.

Boomer on her first day home, her face hasn’t shown any signs of aging yet

She was the opposite of Helo in basically every way. The extrovert of the family, she had a rambunctious joy for life and did everything at level 11 excitement. She loved to be outdoors and to run, taking hours-long walks and begging for more. And she maintained her signature energy well into her old age.

Boomer gleefuly rolling around in the grass

But what she wanted most was to be around people. She loved every person she ever met. She’d insert herself in your eye line, an inch from your face if she could. She’d thump you with her tail, wagging it with such vigor we often thought she’d injure herself. And she’d stand on your legs/chest with such intention it was physically painful. We’d joke she had 800 pounds of pressure in her paws.

Boomer up on the headrest of the couch inserting herself in between the camera and the television Boomer resting her head on the foot of a recliner staring at the camera

Despite her assertiveness, she could also be a sensitive one. A light rain, a slightly cracked door, or a crumpled piece of paper could stop her in her tracks.

Boomer sitting in the hallway behind a long crumpled piece of butcher paper Boomer looking sad peeking through a cracked open door

She was so trusting of people though. You could pick her up and hold her in any position and she’d never even wiggle. And when sitting together, she’d lean her entire weight against you.

Clay holding Boomer in the snowy forest

She could lay in the sun for hours, sprawled on the ground or claiming the sunny spot of the couch.

Boomer reclining on the patio in the sun Boomer sitting on the couch in a sunbeam

She loved to look out the window and would perk up as literally anything went by. She lived for a squeaky toy and finding stray crumbs as we cooked. If there was food around she could not rest, every inch of her body hoping for a bite of carrot or a Cheerio or two.

Boomer and Helo on the couch, Boomer is looking out the open window Boomer grabbing a pizza toy Boomer happily munching on some dog food

Her entire personality was being happy and Helo’s was being grumpy and the two of them became a wonderful duo.

Boomer resting her head on Helo’s back

Knowing we didn’t have much time left with her, we also ordered a custom urn for Boomer. It’s already brought us a lot of comfort.

two ceramic urns that look like our two pups

We miss her so much, but feel such joy and gratitude when we think about our time with her. Rest in peace Boomer, our sweet whippet girl. We hope you and Helo are having a blast together again.

Boomer smiling big while laying on the tile floor Boomer sleeping on some pillows Boomer resting on our dining booth Lynn and Clay selfie with the pups Boomer with a dumpling toy on her back