Meet Gravy

selfie of me in the car holding Gravy, a small blue heeler dog

Two weeks ago we visited a local shelter and left with this little dude. We’re calling him Gravy. He’s a 4-year-old Australian cattle dog (blue heeler) mix. The county thought maybe a mix with chihuahua or something else small since he’s about half the size of the average cattle dog, weighing in at 19lbs.

Gravy curled up and napping on the rug

He was a stray and almost didn’t make it through the adoption system because of bad behavior. He’s very skittish and fearful, but we really loved him from the moment we saw him. We’re grateful Home Fur Good scooped him up from county so we could eventually meet him.

These first two weeks have been a bit of a ride. We’ve already worked through one allergic reaction, one ear infection, a case of giardia, and a harrowing escape chase through the neighborhood. He’s been pretty scared of just about everything, but with lots of patience, he’s starting to gain confidence and open up. We can already tell he’s such a sweet boy and we’re excited to see more of his personality surface.

Gravy on the grass Gravy on the grass, looking up with eyes closed

This has also been an interesting process for me personally as I’m still working through my grief with Boomer and Helo. I guess that never really ends, but it has been an emotional time. It’s weird to think Gravy actually could have met them if timing had been different.

It’s been quite a change from the quiet, routine life with senior pups! He’s got us out walking a whole bunch which has been a nice push for this homebody. He’s learning to play with toys and to not be too freaked out by a car ride. We’ve got a ton of good nicknames for him already (Mr. Boat is a favorite) and we’re just really excited we’ve started our Gravy years.

Gravy standing on the patio looking adorable