26 before 26

Recently I’ve been trying to follow through more reliably on things I commit to. It’s easy to be excited about a project and give up before or shortly after I’ve started. I saw a list like this on a blog somewhere and I liked the idea: a finite list of things to complete in a finite amount of time. These are a handful of things (in no particular order) I’ve been wanting to do, but have trouble finding the motivation, time, or opportunity. Having a list will make it easier and more fun to cross each item off as I complete them. It is 232 days until I turn 26, so I’d better get started.

  1. Replace guest bathtub.
  2. Take a weekend trip to Sedona.Done!
  3. Paint the kitchen cabinets.
  4. Read and return all borrowed books.Done!
  5. Have a smores party.
  6. Paint a picture for myself.
  7. Get a record player.Done!
  8. Build a piece of furniture.
  9. See Fountains of Wayne in concert.Done!
  10. Learn how to change a tire.
  11. Host a poker night.
  12. Reconnect with an old friend.Done!
  13. Replace master bathroom shower.Done!
  14. Try snowboarding again.
  15. Watch The Godfather.Done!
  16. Take a city tour of Phoenix.
  17. Organize the garage.Done!
  18. Take a pottery class.
  19. Reduce my private debt by one fourth.
  20. Digitally organize and archive all photos.Done!
  21. Lose 15 pounds.Done!
  22. Stay up all night and watch the sun rise.
  23. Refresh and customize an old piece of furniture.
  24. Buy a nice set of dishes and flatware.
  25. Learn to properly cook a steak.Done!
  26. Create wedding books for my parents and in-laws.Done!

15 thoughts on “26 before 26

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  8. Just ran across your post on Freshly Pressed and loved the concept. Then I saw this category and had to make a comment because my blog is entitled 30 Before 30. I am turning 30 in November and am chronicling my stories of completing 30 things on my list. Hope you’ll check it out. Theres also alot of other randomness and stories to laugh at!

    • Awesome blog! Hope you accomplish a lot before your 30th birthday. I’m probably only going to finish half of my list, but I’m still pretty happy with everything. πŸ™‚

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