Clay’s parents flew in for Thanksgiving this past weekend. We decided it would be fun to take a day trip to Sedona. Although we didn’t spend the whole weekend, I’m crossing off another item on my 26 before 26 list, #2: Take a weekend trip to Sedona.

I’ve been to Sedona a few times growing up, but never to tour and learn more about the city. I’d intended to go up there when the weather is more desirable than here in Phoenix, but the opportunity presented itself and we took it. I simply love road trips and the two-hour drive there was relaxing and beautiful. We booked a trolley tour and picked up some walnut fudge from the Sedona Fudge Company. The weather was freezing, but the scenery was amazing. I particularly like the cohesiveness I felt there; They’ve done a great job at keeping all the architecture, roads, and homes along the same design aesthetics. It all feels very quaint.

After the tour we headed to the lookout near the Sedona Airport and ran into a snow storm. We certainly were not prepared or dressed properly for that kind of chill so we decided to head home for dinner (missing out on the rattlesnake at the Barking Frog restaurant, unfortunately). The day trip was fun and relaxing and we are all excited to make it out there again for a better planned weekend. I’d love to take a hot air balloon or helicopter ride over the city.