Feeling Healthy

Due to an overly crazy workload and other obligations, I slowed down quite a bit on my 26 before 26 list. This one I’m pretty happy to cross off: #21: Lose 15 pounds.


For quite a while, I’ve been feeling tired, sluggish, and all-around icky. I was drinking several diet sodas in a day and eating plenty of junk. While I’m not one to condemn the delicious merits of fast food and processed treats, it was time for a change. So five weeks ago I started a nutrition plan in hopes it would raise my energy levels, make me feel better, and, as a nice side-effect, allow me to shed some pounds. I decided to cut out all carbs and sugar, eating 4-5 meals a day of lean protein and vegetables. I’m glad to report that I feel more energized, much healthier, and my clothes are fitting better too. I’m going to continue on this nutrition plan for 3 more weeks and then slowly start incorporating more foods in. I definitely want to keep eating fresh, healthy food from now on, but with the occasional pop-tart or cheeseburger thrown in.