Bingo! Doggo DNA

When we adopted Gravy last April, the shelter suggested we get a DNA breed test for him. Maricopa County guessed he was Australian cattle dog mixed with chihuahua, but the shelter wasn’t so sure.

It took a bit for him to get comfortable with a mouth swab, but we finally sent one in. Turns out it’s not chihuahua, but rat terrier! Our sweet girl Boomer was also part rat terrier and this news made us feel really happy. We’ve seen some of her joyful energy in him since he’s been getting more and more comfortable with us.

Gravy DNA results showing 43.9% Rat Terrier, 33.1% Australian Cattle Dog, 10.6% Supermutt, 9.4% Shih Tzu, and 3% American Pit Bull Terrier

I don’t know how accurate these tests are, but folks of the internet seem to think Embark is the best one. Adopting a stray at 4 years old with no known history can be tough, so it’s nice to feel like we know a bit more about him.

They also showed us another dog in the Phoenix area that has sibling-level DNA similarities with Gravy. Fun to think about our little guy having a brother nearby.

Gravy, a little cattle dog mix, next to Mr. DNA from Jurassic Park who is saying “Bingo! Doggo DNA!”

Life with Gravy is so good and hopefully soon we’ll be finding another pup for him to hang with.