30 Before 30

My birthday snuck up on me this year. Yesterday I turned 27 and boy, do I feel old. With my next milestone being the big 3-0, I figured it’d be good to start up another list of things I’d love to do before then. While I didn’t come close to completing my 26 before 26 list, it was a fun process and finally motivated me to cross off items on my ever-growing backlog. I have three years to complete this one and I’m ready to get started.

  1. Learn how to properly use my camera
  2. Learn conversational French
  3. Eliminate my private debtDone!
  4. Paint the bathroom cabinets — Done!
  5. Paint a picture for myself
  6. Learn how to change a tire
  7. Take a city tour of Phoenix
  8. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry PotterDone!
  9. Watch an actor’s entire filmography — Done!
  10. Host a yard saleDone!
  11. Memorize the U.S. Presidents in order
  12. Read the Bible
  13. Take Clay to Paris
  14. Take a road tripDone!
  15. Eat at a Top Chef’s restaurantDone!
  16. Give only handmade gifts for Christmas
  17. Start a real retirement plan — Done!
  18. Sell a piece of artwork
  19. Learn to juggle
  20. Learn to solve a Rubik’s cubeDone!
  21. Host a get-together at the house
  22. Re-read the U.S. ConstitutionDone!
  23. Face a major fear
  24. Bake a cake from scratch
  25. Organize my email inboxDone!
  26. Run every day for a monthDone!
  27. Print something by hand
  28. Meet a hero in person
  29. Read an author’s entire catalog

11 thoughts on “30 Before 30

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