Back in the Black

I am literally jumping for joy to be crossing off another item on my 30 Before 30 list, #3: Eliminate my private debt.

I’ll start this post by saying how unbelievably lucky I’ve been. I grew up in a home where life was more than comfortable. I didn’t need to worry about money. And after I was “grown up”, I was still blessed with generous parents to help me when I needed it.

Five years ago I found myself buying a house, a car, and planning a wedding all in the span of a few short months. My parents were able to give me some additional cash to make the transition not only less frightening, but secure even. We didn’t talk about a payment plan or timeline. They were willing to give and I gratefully accepted.

After they had shown me such generosity with no questions asked, I knew I needed to pay them back as quickly as was reasonable. While offering money is easy, asking for it back isn’t.

And so, as of this morning, my balance has officially dropped to $0.00. It’s a weight lifted off my shoulders and I’m sure off my parents’ shoulders too. They’ve supported me (monetarily and otherwise) my whole life and I’m very thankful.

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