Wonders of Street View

Neal Agarwal is one of my favorite people on the web. He makes weird interactive projects over at neal.fun and his latest is a joy to explore.

It’s called Wonders of Street View and drops you into Google Street View at curated spots. You can click around and explore for hours, trust me. There are a bunch of neat places and things to see and my favorites are...

The road side attractions:

Swole Bus in Prague, Czechia: a red double decker bus with two buff arms coming out the side Miniature Carnival in Hamburg, Germany: a very detailed model of a tiny carnival

The absolutely gorgeous natural wonders:

Ice Cave in Sakha, Russia: tunnels of ice lit with green and purple Blue Forest in Flemish Brabant, Belgium: forest of tall but narrow trees and the ground is covered in blue flowers

The distant places I will never see in person:

Space Views from the International Space Station: a view of Earth from the space station window Summit at Mount Everest: a handful of climbers at the peak

The captures at the perfect moment:

Tripping in Nova Scotia, Canada: a man is mid fall after tripping on the sidewalk The Hopper in Myślenice County, Poland: a rabbit is leaping in the air

And of course I love a Google glitch:

Tripod Man in Ontario, Canada: glitchy capture of a guy leaning into the backseat of his car and he has three legs

Of course there are tons more delightful and beautiful places to explore, so check it out!

Wonders of Street View