Finding ways to use all these stickers

The tech industry loves stickers and so do I. Lisa Frank really had us hoarding stickers at an early age. Like many others before me, I can never decide where to put them. Thereโ€™s only so much laptop surface area and the permanence of it all feels daunting.

I looked into some ways of finally using them. I donโ€™t have the courage to go full David Darnes and do the sticker desk, though I absolutely love how it looks.

top view of a white desk almost completely covered in stickers

Sticker desk from @DavidDarnes on Twitter

Of the options I saw, fridge magnets felt like a safe and easy thing to try. So this weekend I got some adhesive magnet sheets and gave it a go.

a big pile of stickers on a desk

just a portion of my sticker hoard

It was pretty simple. Peel the sticker, peel the magnet, stick them together, cut.

a sticker of a fancy yeti next to some magnet paper and an x-acto knife

Turned out decent enough. If you look too closely you might be like, did a child cut these? Related, I recommend extremely sharp scissors. The easier ones were the ones I could use a straight edge and X-ACTO knife. But, itโ€™s better than having them sit in a drawer hidden away.

colorful magnets on a fridge

Should I cover the entire fridge? Just might.