My favorite TV series of 2020

We watched a lot of TV series this year. I absolutely loved watching the final seasons of The Good Place and Schitt’s Creek. Top Chef All-Stars L.A. was a joy to watch. And we loved catching up on Better Call Saul, Money Heist, Community, and Lucifer.

This list though is my favorite TV series or mini series that debuted this year.

Selena The Series
10. Selena The Series

9. McMillions

Never Have I Ever
8. Never Have I Ever

7. Watchmen

Love Life
6. Love Life

Little Fires Everywhere
5. Little Fires Everywhere

The Queen’s Gambit
4. The Queen’s Gambit

Lovecraft Country
3. Lovecraft Country

2. Devs

Ted Lasso
1. Ted Lasso

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