Best of Project Runway: Seasons 7 and 8

Another collection of my favorite looks from Project Runway seasons 7 and 8. Although I didn’t love season 7, I did enjoy Seth Aaron’s style and Anthony’s hilarious attitude. So many of the designers were boring and forgettable. Season 8 was one of my very favorites. Mondo won me over the second I saw him. His own style was so dorky and endearing, while his designs were stunning, colorful, and whimsical. For the other seasons, see: seasons 1 and 2, seasons 3 and 4, seasons 5 and 6.

Seth Aaron Henderson - episode Back to New York

Amy Sarabi - episode The Fashion Farm

Jay Nicholas Sario - episode The Fashion Farm

Jay Nicholas Sario - episode Run for Cover

Jesse LeNoir - episode A Little Bit of Fashion

Seth Aaron Henderson - episode Hey, That’s My Fabric

Seth Aaron Henderson - episode Finale Collection

Mondo Guerra - episode Larger Than Life

Andy South - episode It’s a Party

Mondo Guerra - episode A Rough Day on the Runway

April Johnston - episode Race to the Finish

Mondo Guerra - episode There’s a Pattern Here

Mondo Guerra - episode Finale Collection