Brighten Your Bath

As I’ve been thinking about doing some major bathroom remodeling, I’ve also been searching for some fun and beautiful bathroom accessories. The bathroom is where we spend the beginning and end of each day, so it’s important to not neglect this functional, but sometimes dull space. Here are a few accessories that have caught my eye and could add a little something extra to your morning/evening routines.

Branch Ring Holder – $7.95 from CB2
Cora Carafe – $9.95 from CB2
Persimmon Soap Pump – $6.95 from Crate and Barrel
Home Glass Soap Pump – $12.99 from Target
Limmaren Bath Bottles – $7.99 from IKEA
Grassy Green Toothbrush Holder – $10 from Urban Outfitters
Provence Society Perfume Bottle – $38 from Anthropologie
Charade Lotion Pump – $28 from Jonathan Adler

2 thoughts on “Brighten Your Bath

  1. We have the 12.99 from Target number in our bathrooms and love it! Steve actually picked them out all on his own.

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