My favorite series of 2023

This year I questioned why I only include debuts on this list! Some of my favorite television this year was from returning shows including The Afterparty, Mythic Quest, and a brilliant season 2 of The Bear. That Forks episode, sheesh. I loved the endings for Succession, Never Have I Ever, and Loki (which really stuck the landing). And of course LEGO Masters is always a bright spot.

Maybe next year I will include returning series, but for now, here are my fave miniseries and series debuts from 2023.

Diane Morgan as Philomena Cunk standing behind foliage and in front of some ruins 10. Cunk on Earth

comic book style characters including Scott Pilgrim and pink-haired Ramona Flowers 9. Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

characters in gold tinted monochrome including Rebecca Ferguson, Tim Robbins, Common, David Oyelowo, and Rashida Jones 8. Silo

illustrated collage of fantasy characters featuring Warwick Davis as Willow 7. Willow

Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen laughing at a party 6. Platonic

Brie Larson in 1950s hairstyle and dress with a pencil behind her ear 5. Lessons in Chemistry

Harrison Ford using his fingers to make Jason Segel smile 4. Shrinking

Ali Wong and Steven Yeun angry with gritted teeth, sticking their heads out of their car windows 3. Beef

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey look back at the camera before a post-apocalyptic, overgrown city 2. The Last of Us

close-up of Natasha Lyonne lowering her sunglasses, a vintage blue car and open road are reflected in the lenses 1. Poker Face