Kitchen items that look like food

I’m not much of a cook, but I love these kitchen accessories that look like food. They could make being in the kitchen so much more fun.

a wooden spoon resting on a giant ravioli Sauced Up ravioli spoon rest - $8

a bottle stopper that looks like a pickle Pickled bottle stopper - $9

a carrot handle with green whisk to look like carrot leaves The Cooks Carrot whisk - $15

a hand uses a sliced ham to hold a pan and a fried egg to clean it Ham N Eggs potholder and pan scraper - $15

a cocktail plate that looks like a slice of swiss cheese Swiss dish party plates - $15

a slice of lemon infuser that comes apart to hold loose tea leaves Lemon tea infuser - $10

dish shaped like a wafer ice cream cone Ceramic ice cream cone - $11.95

a spoon rest that resembles a splatter of tomato sauce Splash spoon rest - Β£8.00

a silicone splatter of red sauce that holds up a pot lid Splash lid holder - Β£6.00

a bunch of bananas in the shape of a bowl Banana bowl - $245

salt shaker in the shape of an avocado half and the pepper shaker is the seed Avocado salt and pepper shakers - $45