An X Factor Winner

I was going to wait until the live shows to declare my favorite singers on this season of The X Factor, but let’s be real. The only name anyone needs to know is Carly Rose Sonenclar. She’s 13, insanely talented, and thankfully, not annoying. She’s going to win it all. And if she doesn’t I’ll be more upset than when Kevin didn’t win Top Chef Las Vegas. And that was the worst!

2 thoughts on “An X Factor Winner

  1. When I posted her performance on my Facebook page in September, my cousin’s daughter (a seamstress on Broadway) had this to say:

    “Carly! She was one of our little Cosettte/Eponines (shared role) when I was dressing Les Miz. Sweet, sweet, talented girl!”

    Obviously Carly has had some background at stage presence and has seen some good performances up close to model. I think she is out of this world…good enough to almost make me watch the show. lol!

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