Weekend in Lakeside

For Mother’s Day, we spent the weekend up north at my parents’ Pinetop-Lakeside home. They’ve been renovating it and it’s been several months since we’ve been there to see it. The weather was incredible and the backyard was a perfectly relaxing atmosphere.

On Saturday, my dad and I visited Little Log Cabin, a tiny antique shop nearby. It was packed to the brim with rustic curiosities and the owner’s dog Radar was so sweet. My dad ended up buying a charming little desk for Clay’s and my room at the house.

While we planned to do some hiking, we ended up being pretty lazy. We enjoyed a board game of Fact or Crap, watched a couple movies, a marathon of Toddlers and Tiaras, and of course, napped on the couch. And you can be sure we had plenty of beer and lambic for the evening.

For Mother’s Day we avoided the typical brunch restaurants and opted for the delicious wings at Moose Henri’s. Yum!

The drive to and from Lakeside isn’t actually that bad. We had fun with the pups in the car, texting back and forth with Steve and Vanessa, and watching the crazy smoke from a nearby fire. With the weather in Phoenix heating up, I’m sure we’ll be heading up there much more often.

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