Liquid Gold Leaf

Over at Yellow Brick Home, I fell in love with the liquid gold leaf treatment they gave their dog bust. I knew it was something I definitely wanted to try.

a metal dog bust sculpture in process of being gold leafed

I decided to use the same Plaid Liquid Leaf that they recommended. The next decision was what to paint. A few years ago I found these two figures at a thrift store for next to nothing and spray painted them white. I never did love the way they looked and so I chose them to be the guinea pigs.

two white figurines of a Victorian man and woman playing instruments

For prep, I simply rinsed and dried them to get rid of any dust. I thought of priming, but then took the lazy route. I used a small paintbrush I had laying around and remembered to shake the bottle every few minutes.

the figurines on some brown paperthe woman figurine partially painted with liquid gold leaf

After two coats, I think they turned out pretty great. Now I’m looking all over the house for other things to gold leaf.

the two figurines now shimmery gold