Organized Lunch

At the beginning of each year I find myself in an anxiety-filled frenzy of organization. Clay and I emptied and scrubbed down our refrigerator, making our food the first thing to keep organized this year. I wanted to maintain that organization with me during lunch at work, so I searched for some bento box lunch containers. I couldn’t find any at our local Oriental market, but I did find these Klip-It Lunch Cubes at the Container Store.

plastic bento box cubes

The containers are only $4.99 and perfectly fit the size of meal I prefer. I bought two, one for my small lunch and one for my afternoon snack. I’m sure it wouldn’t give many people much joy, but it really excites me to see my lunch in organized little compartments. It’s the little things I guess. And, truthfully, anything to make my lunch-bringing more consistent is great in my book.

open bento box cube with salad in one compartment, carrots, and an orange