New Fountains of Wayne. Finally.

Fountains of Wayne


Fountains of Wayne is one of my very favorite bands of all time. Over thirteen years ago I first heard their music and ever since, I’ve been hooked. Adam Schlesinger is an astonishingly good song writer and poet and Chris Collingwood’s voice perfectly brings these creations to life. It’s pop music storytelling at its finest. Their last studio release was in 2007 with Traffic and Weather and I am absolutely thrilled to see a new album, Sky Full of Holes, is finally being released this August. Not long ago my brother and I drove out to Los Angeles to see them at the Troubadour. The handful of new songs they played were amazing and I can’t wait to hear them recorded. They’ve unveiled a new website, a more active Twitter, and alluded to some heavy touring come fall. Hopefully they stop in Phoenix, but I’d be more than willing to make the drive to California again. While I haven’t heard it yet, I can already confidently say it’s an album not to be missed.