My Favorite Places: #6 Piazza San Marco

Venice is the kind of city from a storybook. Arriving there, it’s like stepping away from the real world and into a fantasy land where everyone is fashionable, the pasta is endless, and the streets are made of water. At the heart of the city is Piazza San Marco, a sprawling courtyard surrounded by stunning architecture and capped by the tremendously beautiful Basilica of San Marco. The piazza sits only feet from the mouth of the Grand Canal, guarded by two iconic columns. On any given day, Piazza San Marco is flooded: with tourists, pigeons, or a thin layer of water from an afternoon rain. It’s truly picturesque and must be seen in person.

One thought on “My Favorite Places: #6 Piazza San Marco

  1. My grandparents took me to Venice when I was about 10yrs old. I still remember St Marks Square and seeing the bell chime (Imori, I think it is called).

    When my grandad was 83yrs old, I reciprocated by taking him on an All Inclusive holiday to Benidorm on mainland Spain. He was totally astounded that all he had to do to get a drink or something to eat in any of 5 hotels was to show his id card with his photograph on it. πŸ™‚

    Sadly, he died before we could take him back again 2yrs later but I’m always glad I got the chance to take him on holiday too!

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