My Favorite Places: #7 The Sistine Chapel

the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

Ever since I was young, I’ve been fascinated by paintings. I loved looking at them, studying them, and especially trying to create them. Another fascination of mine has been Catholic tradition, architecture, and storytelling. Although I’m not Catholic, I’ve always appreciated the tremendous artwork that has been created from those beliefs and reverence. I can think of no other building that so beautifully and intricately embodies the strength of religious tradition and the utter brilliance of a master like Michelangelo. The walls and ceiling are magnificent, perfectly visualizing the doctrine at the heart of Christianity in stunning fresco. The space itself is enormous, adding to the awe and admiration I feel. I hope that everyone could see the Sistine Chapel sometime in their life, religious or not. The art, history, and architecture would be more than worth the trip.