Crate and Barrel Ornaments

Every year I love looking through Crate and Barrel’s Christmas ornament collection. They always have a wide selection of beautifully crafted and fun ornaments. Their twists on the classic bulb ornament are classy and whimsical, but I prefer their quirky, more unique designs. Here are a few of my favorites from this year.

Set of 3 Skiing Glitter Penguin Ornaments – $8.85
Globe Ornament – $3.95
Set of 6 Rustic Bell Ornaments – $11.70
Set of 4 Safari Animal Ornaments – $31.80
Set of 4 Alpaca Sock Monkey Ornaments – $31.80
Natural Moose Ornament – $5.95
Set of 4 Herringbone Dog Ornaments – $27.95
Pickle Ornament – $4.95
Set of 4 Menswear Penguins – $31.95
Set of 3 Pedal and Push Ornaments – $11.85

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