My Favorite Places: #10 Greer, Arizona

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not an outdoorsy kind of person. I prefer the warmth and protection of the indoors and the conveniences of modern technology. But mention Greer, Arizona and my heart flutters. When I was growing up, my family and a large group of our family friends camped every long Labor Day weekend in Greer. Our campsite became a familiar retreat where I was able to grow, learn, and explore. It was where I first truly learned to play poker and where we all heard that Princess Diana had been tragically killed. It was a constant in my ever-changing developmental years. The weather was always wonderful, even the rain (and that’s a lot coming from me). The food always tasted better in Greer and the fishing was always plentiful. I haven’t been back for several years, but I always feel warm and nostalgic when I remember all the great times we had there.

One thought on “My Favorite Places: #10 Greer, Arizona

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