DODOcase Review

EDIT: Since this entry was originally written, Patrick from DODOcase has contacted me through a comment (see below) and I emailed him to further discuss the situation. He expressed genuine concern about my satisfaction with my case, apologized for the lack of customer service response, and offered assistance with any future problems. I am happy to see that level of care and my impression has definitely changed for the better.

Several months ago, I purchased a DODOcase for my iPad. I had looked through handfuls of cases, trying to find a good blend of looks and functionality. DODOcase won me over, with its beautifully carved bamboo interior and resemblance to a moleskine notebook. It was on backorder, but I was willing to wait.

a case for iPad

After 4 weeks, I finally received my DODOcase in the mail only to discover that it had warped during transit. The bamboo was clearly not meant to be exposed to the high heat of Arizona weather. It was warped so badly that my iPad wouldn’t even stay in place, rendering the case basically useless. I contacted DODOcase customer service to explain my predicament, mentioning specifically that two of my friends’ cases arrived warped as well. They wrote back mentioning the unexpected reaction to the heat and offered to give me a refund only if I sent back the defective case. I sent them a response asking them to pay for the shipping costs. I received no response. I sent two additional emails since then, but it appears they have discontinued trying to appease me and have no desire to keep me as a consumer.

Since it was apparent I wasn’t going to get any reasonable response from the people at DODOcase, I tried to make the best of what I had. I ended up sponging down the bamboo part of the case with water and leaving a heavy box on top of the case overnight. I did this for three days and I was able to bend the bamboo back into place. Now the case works fine, mostly for light usage and moderate travel. When open, you can’t turn the case upside down or your iPad will easily crash to the floor. I use my iPad mostly for movie viewing while in the car or airplane, so it works for me.

I’d recommend the DODOcase to anyone who would like a case for light protection and high style. I would not recommend the DODOcase to anyone who appreciates good customer service or who uses their iPad heavily.

a DODOcase in a coffee shop