Fishs Eddy

Although my kitchen cupboards are filled with IKEA dishes and hand-me-down glassware, I love imagining them filled with fun pieces like these. Fishs Eddy is an online store that specializes in dinnerware, glassware, and serving platters, beautiful patterns, and whimsical decoration.

Teapot Orange – $16.95
NY Times Crossword Creamer – $9.95
Guest Check Tray – $7.95
Spice Jar with Cork Lid – $5.95
Artist Palette Cheese Tray – $22.95
Alice in Wonderland Glasses – $20.00
Brooklyn Pitcher – $22.95
Memo Notebook Tray – $24.95
Honey Jar Eye Winker Opal Crystal – $39.95
Kitchen Weapon Coasters (Set of 12) – $3.95

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