A Look Into the Past

I was recently looking through some old hard drives and found some pretty funny/embarrassing stuff. One of which is my college admissions personal essay. Enjoy:

I am willing to sacrifice my eardrums, for a life without blasting music, would be a life not worth living. No word can fully describe my love for music. Many words have attempted to explain it: hobby, interest, passion, infatuation, obsession, but each one failing to completely embody the full magnitude of my emotions. I can think of nothing greater, nothing more powerful than becoming lost in music. Guitars, drums, pianos, and even the mighty tambourine are all worthy of my reverence for their creative wonder.

The true beauty and grace of these instruments can only be fully experienced with the volume on full blast. Silence is for the weak. The stresses of a demanding day, at school, at work, are forgotten once the music is rolling. I take in everything; I am eclectic. The Beatles couldn’t buy me love and Nirvana smelled my teen spirit. The big bands of the sixties, the pop stars of the nineties, and the punk bands of today all rub against one another inside my well organized CD case. After all, CD organization is nothing to be messed with.

A record store, to the common person, may appear to be just a record store. But to me, a music aficionado if you will, a record store is not a store, but a Mecca, and the drive there, a pilgrimage. CD selection is an art form, learned only through experience, and must be dealt with very precisely. An improper selection may result in a scar on the listener’s reputation and ridicule from fellow music lovers. Records by Milli Vanilli, for example, are to be avoided at all costs.

Everyone in this world searches for comfort, something to soothe their stress and relieve their insecurities. I find comfort in loud music. As a relatively shy and quiet person, the music serves as a voice, a means of expression. Long durations of time without music are torturous, leaving me longing for the thumping of speakers. When the music finally comes, it enters the veins, flowing through the body, and often causes uncontrollable dancing, singing, laughing, and crying.

The true test of the music lover is known to the observer as the concert, the show. In no other place can so many different types of people come together and share in the worship of the phenomenon known as music. Music is universal. It teaches me to live spontaneously, to be truthful to others, and to love whole heartedly. With my passion, infatuation, obsession for music, I live my life with lyrics in my mind and a song in my heart.