Toy Story 3

Woody and friendsAndy looking at Woody and Buzz

This weekend I went to see Toy Story 3, which is a work of absolute brilliance. It is everything a movie should be and can be enjoyed by child and adult alike. Pixar works its animation magic, creating gorgeous, believable, and vibrant scenes. As this is the third film in the series, we are truly invested in the characters. We know them, and we love them.

Not only is this film incredibly entertaining and funny, it is also deeply sad. For a “children’s movie”, it deals with some very real and familiar adult issues: loyalty, abandonment, betrayal, growing up, and letting go. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, as I hope everyone will go and see it, but I was crying like a baby as the movie came to an end. It’s a work of art and Pixar should be very proud. It raises the bar not just for animated films, but for all entertainment. This kind of emotional, hilarious, and beautiful film is possible and is now what we should expect.

Also, new character Bonnie is possibly the best part of the film: a beautiful example of joy and innocence.