Release the Kraken!

Clash of the Titansthe gods on Olympus

A movie about Greek mythology featuring Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes? When I first saw the trailer for the new Clash of the Titans, I was too excited to even speak. I finally saw it this past weekend and I hate to say that it could have been much better. While it was visually stunning as expected, I would love to see a Greek mythology movie where they make Mt. Olympus actually look cool. It’s always full of clouds, gold, and sparkles, but lacking in anything really badass. And honestly, that’s what Mt. Olympus should be: the most amazing place to live. Ever.

Sam Worthington

The best parts of the film were the action scenes, again, as expected. The huge and terrifying scorpions and the slithering Medusa were a blast to watch. Sam Worthington did an excellent job of looking pretty, but fell short in his emotivity. Regardless, it was fun, corny, and action-packed: just what I need from a pre-summer Greek epic. If you’re on the fence, I’d say go for it. Or whip out your copy of The Odyssey miniseries and geek out. Release the Kraken!