Party Dip

I make this dip for parties and always get a great response. I thought I’d post the recipe so everyone can make it for their own get-togethers. It’s super easy and very delicious!

- 2 blocks Philadelphia original cream cheese
- small container Daisy original sour cream
- 2 cans of Macayo’s diced green chilies (4oz each)
- jar of roasted red peppers (I use Mt. Olive brand, found in the condiments aisle by the olives)

Put cream cheese blocks into a large bowl or Pyrex container. Microwave for 1-3 minutes until the cream cheese is soft enough to mix easily.

Put two large scoops of sour cream into bowl. I use just a normal soup spoon. If you want to cut the sharpness of the cream cheese, add more sour cream.

Chop roasted red peppers and add to bowl. I use about the equivalent of one red pepper. Of course, you can always add more.

Open green chilies and add to bowl. Do not drain chilies. The juice will only add to the flavor of the dip.

Mix dip. You want the dip to have a light peach color (from the red pepper juice runoff). Mix until there is no more bright white from the cream cheese and sour cream and the texture is consistent.

Put bowl in the fridge overnight. Resist the urge to eat it right away. Trust me, it will taste much better if it has time to sit and cool properly. Enjoy!

For the health conscious, you can sub low-fat or fat-free cream cheese and sour cream. I do warn you though, that it really doesn’t taste as good.