This weekend has been quite satisfactory indeed. Friday night Clay and I went to see Year One. It was pretty funny, but very raunchy. I should have expected it, but some parts were pretty gross. I do love Jack Black and Michael Cera.

Yesterday Vanessa and I got an early start and met my Mom at West Elm for a design seminar. They showed us how to transition our home interiors from summer to fall. I’ve never changed my decorations based on the season and I really don’t see myself doing so in the future, but I did like seeing their choice of accessories. I ended up buying a dining table for us, and it is cute!

Afterwards, Vanessa and I got some delicious YC’s and ventured to IKEA. You can always count on IKEA. Then we picked up Clay and went to see Away We Go. It was so good! Funny and sad and very real. John Krasinski is great.

Before the movie, we saw the preview for Paper Heart with Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi. It looks amazing. It is pretty much me and Clay. Also, I remember like ten different people telling me that I was in Knocked Up. I didn’t think I resembled her that much then, but now I can see it.