Weekend Warrior

I love to organize. I think I like the actual process of organizing better than having my things organized. We’ve been putting together our home office and I finally took on the task of downsizing and re-organizing my CD collection. I still haven’t taken the leap to “digital only”, as I have a pretty intense fear of getting rid of things. I needed a system where I could keep all the original booklets and artwork and where the CDs are easily accessible. I’ve tried the giant binder of CDs, but it just isn’t quite right.

I settled on a CD “filing” system from Memorex and I am quite satisfied with how much space it saves. I also love any opportunity to use my label maker! To the right are all the jewel cases that once held my CDs, and to the left are my new CD files. I’m about two-thirds of the way done with my CDs and I am so happy with it, I may do the same thing with our DVDs.

filing boxes and lots of empty CD cases filing boxes