Record Storage

With the purchase of a record player, I now had to find a storage solution for the records. I searched online for a few days, trying to find the right compromise between form and function. Because I wanted to keep the records close to the player in the living room, I thought a furniture-style option would be best. My first choice would have been the IKEA Expedit Bookcase, but it doesn’t come in a two-cubby option. I finally settled on Galvanized Storage Cubes from the Container Store.

The cubes connect together to make various storage combinations and can be fitted with shelves, doors, and castors. I picked up two cubes and two perforated steel doors. Thankfully, they are on sale right now for the annual shelving sale event. Putting the cubes together was actually pretty painful. The pieces are difficult to fit together and have sharp edges. The doors were by far the most annoying and require a decent amount of strength and dexterity. Now that they’re put together, though, I think it was a good choice. The records fit in there perfectly, although I may add some tension rods for some extra support. I also added two of the cube connectors to the top so I could easily display the record in use.

Crosley Portable Record Player

I decided to hit the ground running on my 26 before 26 list. I’m crossing off #7: Get a record player.

I used to own a record player, but gave it to my former roommate when I moved out. I didn’t know where I’d be living permanently and just didn’t have the space. (It was a console with built in speakers, about the size of a low dresser.) I’d been planning on getting another one, but didn’t know what kind. I wanted something small and portable and didn’t want to hook it up to a sound system. I searched online and decided on the Crosley AV Portable USB Turntable from Urban Outfitters.

After bringing it home, I pulled out my collection of pop-punk records and finally sorted through the box of LPs I’d been storing in my hall closet. About a year ago, my best friend’s dad was planning on dumping all of his vinyl so I took it off his hands. There are a few gems in there, so I’m glad I did. After a few plays, I’m definitely happy with my purchase. It’s not the best sound quality and any audiophile would probably sneer at it. But listening to Simon and Garfunkel has never been quite so fun. I do wish there was a speaker in the front, but it fills my small living room well.