Post secret

Every Sunday I look at the new batch of Post Secrets. While many of them can be deeply moving, scary, or depressing, some of my favorites are still the light-hearted ones. The confessions that might get you teased socially, but aren’t truly secrets. I saw this one this morning and laughed; I just can’t help but relate.

Now all I need to see is an “I love Nicolas Cage movies” post secret and I’ll know I’m truly not alone.


Every Sunday I look through Post Secret and occasionally I’ll see a secret I can relate to. This Sunday, however, I saw a secret that I could have written and sent in myself. Here is that secret plus a tweet I posted earlier this year in March. It’s always fun to see how similar we can be, even as strangers.


I’ve been listening to a lot of Angels and Airwaves. Well, more than usual anyway. Their new album LOVE was released for free download through their website on Valentine’s Day. It’s pretty incredible and I would recommend everyone take a listen. My favorite song so far is Epic Holiday. They are playing the Marquee in Tempe on May 25th and I can’t wait!

The image above is a post secret from 2008. I thought it really summed up what AVA is all about, at least for me. It’s as we often joke, “the kind of music that can cure diseases.”