My Favorite Places: #3 Lake Powell

Growing up in the Phoenix heat, we always found ourselves gravitating towards water. My brother and I found ourselves obsessed with the lake and especially with wakeboarding. We lived it, watching videos of the pros pulling off gravity-defying tricks and idolizing the greats like Shaun Murray and Parks Bonifay. Every year we waited anxiously for our summer trip to Lake Powell. If you’ve never been, it truly is the wakeboarder’s dream. Smooth, glassy water was easy to find in hidden coves and the weather was always perfect. We, with several family friends, drove our houseboat to hidden beaches, anchored, and relaxed. We swam, fished, and wakeboarded till our arms couldn’t hold on anymore. As we grew older and our school and work became more demanding, our annual trip discontinued. But with Clay, Vanessa, and their lovely families joining our lives, I’d really like to create a new Lake Powell tradition for the future.


Lake Dreams

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Just got back from a weekend at Lake Powell. If any place on earth is close to perfect, that’s it. I truthfully forgot how much I love boating, wakeboarding, and carefree relaxation. I’m getting back into the work grind on Wednesday, but will be patiently waiting to get back on the water.