Halloween 2012

With Halloween on a Wednesday this year, we had our company Halloween party last night. There were some really awesome homemade costumes in attendance. For my costume, I decided to dress up as Charlyne Yi’s Dr. Park from House. I paired a button up shirt with too-short, tapered work pants and added a lab coat. What put it over the top was the Dr. Park ID badge and the wig. It was an easy costume and it won 2nd place in our costume contest! Here are some photos of the finished look (don’t mind Jake).

Dog Halloween Costumes

I love Halloween. Costumes, candy, pumpkin-flavored everything. What else could you ask for? I especially love the trend of cute and hilarious Halloween costumes for our pets. I’m sure the dogs hate it, but it makes for a good squee photo-op.

Dragon hoodie – $32
Bat wings – $18.95
Monkey pajamas – $35
Lion pajamas – $35
Triceratops – $9.99
Bunny – $12.99
Ride on jockey – $19.99
Hot dog – $9-12