Making of The LEGO Movie

Some more animation goodness. Everything is awesome in this video showing the process behind The LEGO Movie. Creating the realistically miniature world was all about attention to detail. I especially love how it’s computer animation, but feels like stop-motion.


The Boxtrolls Time Lapse

I’ve previously posted the trailer for the Laika stop-motion animated film The Boxtrolls (watch it here, it’s amazing). Now watch this short time lapse that shows a small fraction of the work involved with putting a film like this together. Impressive to watch and still so charming.


If you saw Wreck-it Ralph, I hope you also got there early enough to see the Disney animated short Paperman. Actually, hold up. If you haven’t seen Wreck-it Ralph, find a way to see it immediately. I don’t care if the closest theater playing it is 150 miles away. I promise it will be worth it.

But if you’d still like to wait until it’s released for purchase, you can breathe easy knowing you can watch Paperman on the interwebz for free. It has incredibly beautiful animation and an equally charming story. Disney has been putting out top-notch work the last few years and I can’t get enough.