Extreme Sized Things

As I’ve stated many times before, I’m simply enamored with things that are miniature and those that are oversized. Lately, three artists have caught my eye who deal with extreme proportions.

The first is Carrie M. Becker, who created a Hoarders inspired, Barbie-sized mess. She created amazingly detailed, doll-sized rooms filled to the brim with clutter and garbage. Especially wonderful is the neatly organized “after the intervention” room. Bravo.

The second artist is Jean-Francois Fourtou, who shoots beautifully surreal portraits of seemingly miniature and oversized people. His photos trick the eye and are both deceiving and charming.

And lastly, I’ve fallen in love with the work of Shay Aaaron, who creates impeccable food replicas at the tiniest scale. I still can’t believe he can manage that level of detail from sculpting clay, let alone at that size. He sells his creations as jewelry in his Etsy store, and I must say, I want them all.

Amazing Asparagus Cake

I love cake. I love eating it and especially looking at beautiful and intricately crafted display cakes. As shows like Ace of Cakes prove, modern cake decorators are artists and sculptors; their media just happen to be butter cream and fondant. I saw this cake as I was browsing one of my favorite cake blogs (yes, I read cake blogs, leave me alone). This seriously blows my mind. One of the greatest illusions I’ve seen to date and it looks delicious! Scroll down to be amazed and then visit sweetapolita.com to view the step-by-step process.

LEGO Furniture

I’ve seen quite a bit of functional LEGO sculptures and especially love custom built LEGO furniture. This LEGO coffee table is pretty awesome, albeit expensive. The writers of Humble Ablog set out to create a LEGO replica of the George Nelson Platform Bench by Herman Miller. They had to buy each brick individually at 10-26 cents apiece (yikes!). Regardless, the outcome is impressive: a functional piece of furniture that looks beautiful from afar and amazingly whimsical up close.

original blog post at humble ablog

Jennifer Maestre

Jennifer Maestre is a sculptor who creates intricate sea-urchin inspired forms out of the tips of colored pencils. Her work is absolutely beautiful and requires a second look. The pieces become even more amazing and detailed as you examine more closely. It reminds me of a project we did in my Painting 1 class in school where we needed to make an ordinary object extraordinary. I love it!

Click for her website