The Voice Top 5

The Voice has become my favorite singing show. So much talent! The live shows begin next week, so here are my top five favorite artists this season. I love James’s style and I’d buy Caroline and Preston’s albums right now. Take my money!

Caroline Pennell

James Wolpert

Preston Pohl

Cole Vosbury

Matthew Schuler

Fall. Out. Boy.

Not much but video posting lately, but this one is ultra exciting. After four years, Fall Out Boy has announced they’re gettin’ the band back together. On top of that, they’re releasing a new album and hitting the road for the “Save Rock and Roll” tour this summer.

And to hold us over until May, here’s there new single and video:

Drennon Davis

Over the holiday, Clay and I visited family in San Francisco. While there was plenty of food and games to go around, we also saw a handful of really entertaining shows. We visited Cobb’s Comedy Club to see the Daily Show’s John Oliver, with Alex Koll and Drennon Davis opening.

I’m happy to say they were all hilarious and it was probably one of the best stand-up shows I’ve seen live. Drennon Davis does the Imaginary Radio and it’s not only musically impressive, but super freaking funny. Here are two songs we couldn’t stop giggling about. And I dare you to get the baby deer song out of your head.

The Voice Top 5

All I’ve been watching are singing competition shows. The Voice keeps growing on me and this season there are a handful of really unique and talented singers. These are my five favorites. I love Melanie Martinez; she’s so different and reminds me of a cartoon character. I’ve already bought songs from all five of them and I hope they all make it really far!

Melanie Martinez

Terry McDermott

MacKenzie Bourg

Nicholas David

Bryan Keith

An X Factor Winner

I was going to wait until the live shows to declare my favorite singers on this season of The X Factor, but let’s be real. The only name anyone needs to know is Carly Rose Sonenclar. She’s 13, insanely talented, and thankfully, not annoying. She’s going to win it all. And if she doesn’t I’ll be more upset than when Kevin didn’t win Top Chef Las Vegas. And that was the worst!