Foxy iPhone Cases

I love how easy it is to find beautiful, unique iPhone cases. Society6 is quite the time-suck, featuring page after page of awesome artwork. I especially love all the fox-themed cases. So cute! Just try not to think about that one scene in The Fox and the Hound. You know which one.

Lonely Winter Fox, The Fox and the Forest, Fox

Fox, Fantastic Fox Couple, Arctic Fox

Tall Fox, Fox on Fishing Boat, Fox with Tribal Pattern

Brave Concept Art

Yesterday we saw Pixar’s new animated film Brave, the story of a frizzy-haired Scottish princess who wants to avoid betrothal and determine her own fate. While it definitely is a departure from Pixar’s signature whimsy, it feels genuine and classic like a throwback to the Disney animated films of the past. It is funny, emotional, and beautifully animated. And on top of that, it’s the first of Pixar’s films dedicated to a female lead character. Merida, with her red curls and awesome bow skills, is a great addition to the family of Disney princesses.

When I saw this small collection of Brave concept art, I knew the film was at least going to be amazing to look at. But, as Pixar has proven time and time again, we can always expect beautiful visuals and a beautiful story.