Kitchen items that look like food

I’m not much of a cook, but I love these kitchen accessories that look like food. They could make being in the kitchen so much more fun.

Sauced Up ravioli spoon rest – $8

Pickled bottle stopper – $9

The Cooks Carrot whisk – $15

Ham N Eggs potholder and pan scraper – $15

Swiss dish party plates – $15

Lemon tea infuser – $10

Ceramic ice cream cone – $11.95

Splash spoon rest – Β£8.00

Splash lid holder – Β£6.00

Banana bowl – $245

Avocado salt and pepper shakers – $45


Another decor decision to make! Currently in our living room, we have a simple vintage dresser I found for about $20 and repainted. I’d like to move that dresser into our guest room, so we’re in need of some living room/dining room storage. I love the clean lines and concealed storage of these credenzas. With the AZ dust, closed storage is a must. I’m favoring the Dumont Buffet from West Elm, but it’s also the most expensive. Decisions decisions!

Alba Credenza – $599
Saga Credenza – $599
IKEA PS Cabinet – $99
Dumont Buffet – $699


To keep books in order, I use completely random objects as bookends. Currently, I’m using an antique tea pot and an Abraham Lincoln novelty mug. With the abundance of fun bookends out there, I’m tempted to splurge on the real thing. Here are a few I like that serve as bookends and as shelf decoration.

Rhino Bookends – $34
Gold Pig Bookends – $29.95
Toy Soldier Bookends – $29
Greyhound Bookends – $66
Dachshund Bookends – $150
Balloon Animal Bookend – $42
Branch Bookends – $64
Star Wars Bookends – $59.99

Land of Nod

Way back in 2010, I posted Kid Stuff for Adults showcasing some neat home items from Crate and Barrel’s online kids store, Land of Nod.

They’ve really stepped up their game, offering beautiful and functional pieces for children. Some of their products are so stylish they could easily fit into an adult’s home as well. Here are a few of my favorites.

Between a Rock Lamp Base – $69
Peacock Painted Masterbeasts Wall Art – $119
Basic Framework Coat Rack – $99
Tectonic Floor Rug – $299
Midtown Throw Pillow – $35
Magnetic Magazine Pocket – $24.95
Red Medicine Storage Box – $40
Bird Finials – $24.95

Storage Benches

My living room is fairly small and seating is limited. It also serves double-duty as Clay’s exercise area. With that comes plenty of clutter: video game controllers, weights, yoga mats, etc. To solve a couple problems, we’re looking for an upholstered storage bench. Not only will it add additional seating, but serve to hide away many of the things we wish to keep in the space. I love all of these storage benches and now it’s time to make a decision!

Canary Storage Ottomon Bench – $183.99
Upholstered Storage Bench in Grey – $224.99
Upholstered Storage Bench in Henna – $206.99
Julius Green Storage Ottomon – $499.00
Houndstooth Storage Bench – $229.99

Custom Vinyl Decals

For my birthday this year, my in-laws generously gifted me with a Silhouette CAMEO electronic cutting tool. I’ve been wishing for one for a long time and I’m super excited to start cutting all the things!

For my first project, I decided to start small. We had some large plastic bottles lying around, so I thought some custom labels would be fun. I threw together some quick labels in their editor, which was pretty easy to use for simple designs.

After the CAMEO cut the self-stick vinyl, I transferred the vinyl to the transfer paper and then transferred them to the bottles.

The labels didn’t adhere as quickly as I’d hoped, but after some time, it’s looking good. I’m not sure how the steam of the shower will affect the labels, but for now, I’m super happy!

Liquid Gold Leaf

Over at Yellow Brick Home, I fell in love with the liquid gold leaf treatment they gave their dog bust. I knew it was something I definitely wanted to try.

I decided to use the same Plaid Liquid Leaf that they recommended. The next decision was what to paint. A few years ago I found these two figures at a thrift store for next to nothing and spray painted them white. I never did love the way they looked and so I chose them to be the guinea pigs.

For prep, I simply rinsed and dried them to get rid of any dust. I thought of priming, but then took the lazy route. I used a small paintbrush I had laying around and remembered to shake the bottle every few minutes.

After two coats, I think they turned out pretty great. Now I’m looking all over the house for other things to gold leaf.