Food ornaments for grown ups

I love a pizza or hamburger ornament as much as the next fool, but I especially adore these new food ornaments from Anthropologie.

Now you can decorate your tree with your favorite grown up treats. Many of them are an acquired taste.

avocado ornamentartichoke ornament
avocado / artichoke

brussel sprout ornamentpomegranate ornament
brussel sprout / pomegranate

fig ornamentoats ornament
fig / overnight oats

grapefruit ornamentblack and white cookie ornament
grapefruit / black & white cookie

cannoli ornamentassorted cheeses ornament
cannoli / assorted cheeses

deviled egg ornamentsardines ornament
deviled egg / sardines

oyster ornamentcaviar ornament
oyster / caviar

Happy Birthday, Dad!

This weekend family and friends gathered at my parents’ home in Scottsdale to celebrate my dad’s 65th birthday. It was great to see everyone and to enjoy some delicious food. The weather was absolutely perfect! And, even though it was my dad’s party, my little nephew Henry sure did steal the show. I’m so grateful for such a wonderful father and to be surrounded by such awesome people.