Walk, Don’t Run

I’m stretching this a little bit, but it’s my list so who cares! I’m crossing off another item on my 30 Before 30 list, #26: Run every day for a month. Just replace “Run” with “Walk a shit ton.”

Last month we had a FitBit walking competition. The person with the most steps in 4 weeks would walk away the winner. I decided to go all out and win by as many steps as I possibly could. Before the competition I averaged around 5,000 steps per day. And during, I averaged about 30,000. In 4 weeks I racked up 830,631 steps and took first place!

Even though it wasn’t running, I definitely pushed myself. I spent most of my free time walking and even walked the 9 miles to work a few times. It was exhausting and my feet weren’t happy with me, but it was really fun. I’ve been taking the past week off, but I’m excited to get going again!

A New Year

As 2012 has started, I’ve been thinking a lot about resolutions. While I’m sure most everyone has some variation of “lose weight” on their list of things to accomplish this year, I thought it best to set some realistic goals for myself. As a lover of all types of junk food, I tend to go to extremes when dieting. Last year I did a twelve week nutrition plan where I cut out all carbs and sugars from my diet. After I began eating normally, I started feeling sluggish and I began to gain weight again. This year, I’m setting four small resolutions with the goal of feeling better, having more energy, and being more healthy.

1. Drink more water.
I’m a compulsive diet soda drinker. When I get stressed it’s even worse. I will drink more water during the day and order water at restaurants when I go out. As an added bonus, I’ll save the $2.50 I spend each time.

2. Replace soda with tea.
Even though I’m culturally Chinese and I grew up with parents who love tea, I never found a taste for it. I will stop drinking soda and replace my flavored drink cravings with tea, hot or iced. Not only will I benefit from the health-boosting aspects of tea, I’ll also be able to use the Tour Eiffel teapot and monogrammed mug I received for Christmas.

3. Take the stairs.
Finding a good exercise routine will be a challenge. Clay and I have talked about hiking, biking, and even running (yuck). When I’m not in exercise mode though, I will no longer go out of my way to be lazy. I will take the stairs instead of the escalator and walk across the parking lot instead of desperately trying to find a closer spot.

4. Feel healthier this Christmas than I did the last.
It’s easy to set resolutions and to get going on them. Clay and I have already bought healthy groceries and picked out some green teas to try. In a few months, I could easily be back to my old ways again. I will remember all year how I feel today and I will feel great this December too.

Feeling Healthy

Due to an overly crazy workload and other obligations, I slowed down quite a bit on my 26 before 26 list. This one I’m pretty happy to cross off: #21: Lose 15 pounds.

For quite a while, I’ve been feeling tired, sluggish, and all-around icky. I was drinking several diet sodas in a day and eating plenty of junk. While I’m not one to condemn the delicious merits of fast food and processed treats, it was time for a change. So five weeks ago I started a nutrition plan in hopes it would raise my energy levels, make me feel better, and, as a nice side-effect, allow me to shed some pounds. I decided to cut out all carbs and sugar, eating 4-5 meals a day of lean protein and vegetables. I’m glad to report that I feel more energized, much healthier, and my clothes are fitting better too. I’m going to continue on this nutrition plan for 3 more weeks and then slowly start incorporating more foods in. I definitely want to keep eating fresh, healthy food from now on, but with the occasional pop-tart or cheeseburger thrown in.