My favorite movies of 2020

Watching movies was pretty different this year and I seriously can’t wait until I can go to the cinema again. Still, many new movies were released and a lot of them were good (though I don’t think I loved any of them either).

I didn’t include Hamilton here since it’s not really a film, but it was a gift this year and I watched it so many times. Also I wasn’t able to catch Minari but I’m excited to see it once it has a wider release.

10. Onward

The Half of It
9. The Half of It

Da 5 Bloods
8. Da 5 Bloods

An American Pickle
7. An American Pickle

The New Mutants
6. The New Mutants

The Old Guard
5. The Old Guard

4. Howard

King of Staten Island
3. The King of Staten Island

Palm Springs
2. Palm Springs

1. Emma.


Just saw the new Emma. and it’s really wonderful and charming and funny. The costume design is top notch and these photos truly don’t do it justice. Every garment is just gorgeous to look at and I’m grateful the camera lingers long enough to really appreciate them. I recommend it!

The Bird and the Whale

Today we went to Alamo Drafthouse for a screening of the animated short films nominated for Oscars this year. Of the nominees, I hope Hair Love wins. It’s beautiful! And somehow the least devastating. (Seriously was that a requirement this year?)

After the nominees, they screened a handful of other animated shorts and wow, The Bird and the Whale is extraordinary. It’s paint-on-glass animation and all seven minutes are made of “over 4300, 24 x 34 inch paintings and took more than 14 months to paint.” The effect is gorgeous.

Here’s a trailer for the film and a behind-the-scenes video:

My favorite movies of the 2010’s

This list was much harder to make than my favorite movies of 2019. I was able to get it down to 15 and that’s how many Chris Coyier did, so I figured that’s great.

It was especially difficult because movies released earlier in the decade have the advantage of nostalgia and repeat viewings. I might revisit this in 5 years to see how my opinions change.

old man Wolverine and young Laura
15. Logan

Daniel Kaluuya sits with eyes wide and tears streaming down his face
14. Get Out

Owen Wilson walks in front of a painted Paris streetscape
13. Midnight in Paris
(I know Woody Allen is horrible and I debated putting this here. But this movie made my heart ache like not many before or since.)

Sam and Suzy
12. Moonrise Kingdom

the cast of Baby Driver in front of a car speeding down the Atlanta highway
11. Baby Driver

a young boy surrounded by supporting characters including Adolf Hitler
10. JoJo Rabbit

Rey and BB-8 in front of the sun setting
9. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Starlord, Drax, Gamora, Groot, and Rocket
8. Guardians of the Galaxy

the two leads happily look at each other in front of colorful background
7. Crazy Rich Asians

two men fighting in a rotating hallway
6. Inception

the cast looking badass in their wedding party attire
5. Bridesmaids

Flynn and Rapunzel look at each other amongst the floating laterns
4. Tangled

a profile of Amy with her husband Nick in the background
3. Gone Girl

the cast poses in sunglasses
2. Pitch Perfect

Kayla takes a selfie on her phone giving the peace sign
1. Eighth Grade

Honorable mentions:
Crazy Stupid Love
Thor: Ragnarok
This Is The End

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Colin Firth as a gentleman spy? Yes please. Kingsman: The Secret Service is just awesome, combining great actors, fine suits, comedy, and over-the-top-violent fight scenes. It’s James Bond meets Kick-Ass (basically the only kind of James Bond film I’d be interested in seeing from this point on).

Watch the trailer again and then go see it in theaters immediately.

Into the Woods

Last week I finally saw Into the Woods and although I’m a huge fan of musicals and classic fairy tales, I didn’t love it. It was charming and funny at parts, but I suspect it works much better on stage than on film.

Anna Kendrick and Emily Blunt are as lovely as can be, Meryl Streep is excellent as always, but Johnny Depp is borderline annoying as the Wolf, a creepy child predator.

As much as I wish it were the songs, the true highlight of the film is the costume design. The clothing, especially worn by the women, is truly stunning. Just look at those dresses!