Finding My Fashion Style in Four Words

With my desire to dress nicer more frequently, I find myself with the dreaded task of shopping for new clothes. I quickly turned to my sister-in-law, Vanessa, who has a love and keen eye for everyday and affordable fashion. She questioned what style I wanted to achieve and if I had anyone in mind as fashion inspiration. I really didn’t have any idea. The only person that came to mind was Charlyne Yi; we not only look alike, but dress alike too.

Vanessa encouraged me to look at some fashion blogs and to find outfits I’m drawn to. After several viewings and some image saving, I managed to narrow my style down to four words. I’m hoping this will make my new clothing search easier and more focused.

Consistently, I love looks with multiple layers. I’m a warm weather girl, so I get cold much more easily than most. You’ll seldom see me without a hoodie or jacket and I almost always have a long tank top underneath my t-shirts. I contribute my love of layers with my love of feeling swaddled; it just looks so comfortable. Plus, you never want to be stuck in a freezing office building or movie theatre without a couple extra layers.

Along the same comfort lines, I’m also drawn to more sporty looks. Jeans and sneakers, t-shirts, sweaters, and hoodies: I love them all. I was a big tomboy growing up, always wanting to be one of the guys. I played sports and didn’t want to fuss with dresses or makeup. Even still, I like androgynous fashion and sporty looks that don’t look frumpy.

I know that good fit is one of the most important factors in clothing selection (I watch Project Runway too). However, I kept coming back to the outfits where the fit was just a little bit off. The jeans are a little bit big in the legs, the sweaters hang a little too loose, and the shirts are a bit too long. Most of my jeans and t-shirts don’t fit appropriately, but that’s due to weight fluctuation and general laziness. I think what I like most about it is how it looks so casual and effortless.

Yes, I do wear thick-rimmed glasses. While I definitely need them to see anything past the tip of my nose, I do love the nerd factor they bring to pretty much any outfit. Cute summer dress and heels? Casual business suit? T-shirt and jeans? Add a pair of black-rimmed glasses and some messy hair and you’ve got yourself some nerd chic fashion. While I can go to the extreme sometimes (think Buzz Lightyear and Star Wars t-shirts), I still want to keep this aspect of my personality even when dressing up.

Fortune Cookie Coin Purse

Just a few of my favorite things combined into one adorable accessory: Diana Eng’s whimsical design, Asian inspired fashion, and things that look like food, but aren’t. I love these coin purses by the Project Runawy alum. They are made from recycled leather and each one is unique. They also include a printed fortune inside. While $65 is a little steep for a coin purse, I still can’t help but swoon.

Kate Spade Summer

While pastels are reserved for springtime, summer is the perfect season for bright colors. Luckily, that happens to be Kate Spade’s specialty. The warmth and long days of summer call for casual and comfortable attire. These looks perfectly combine the bright joy of primary colors with a casual ease that’s ideal for sunny weather. One of my recent goals is to dress up more often and to break free from my standard t-shirts and flip flops. Although Kate Spade can be a little on the pricey side, her designs are great for inspiration.

Westwind Drive Felice – $295
Lido Flats – $99
Ikat Caroline Dress – $325
Striped Jillian Dress – $375
Seersucker Mini lacey – $95
Shady Side Small Karen – $275
Tipsy Flats – $198
Barrow Street Coin Purse – $50

For Babes

Recently, two of our couple friends each found themselves expecting baby boys. So, naturally, I searched around for some fun and geeky onesies to give as gifts. I’m a little scared of babies, but not if they were wearing these! Not sure when Clay and I are going to have kids, but you can be sure we’ll be getting plenty of nerd-wear.

Star Trek Uniform – $15.99
Don’t Panic Snapsuit – $25
Superhero Snapsuits – $18.99
Stranger Danger Snapsuit – $25
Super Snapsuit – $30
I Can’t Read Snapsuit – $25
Superhero Snapsuits – $18.99
I Might Barf Snapsuit – $25

Summer Summer Summertime

I love the warm weather rolling into Phoenix and I can’t wait for the first swim of summer. I’ve always been a fan of more conservative swimsuit fashion, so it’s nice to see many great one-pieces available this season. Love these four from J.Crew and Anthropologie.

Plumeria vintage stitched tank – $125 from J.Crew
Palm-stripe underwire tank – $86 from J.Crew
Natlie one-piece – $148 from Anthropologie
Amplitude one-piece – $298 from Anthropologie

Best of Project Runway: Seasons 7 and 8

Another collection of my favorite looks from Project Runway seasons 7 and 8. Although I didn’t love season 7, I did enjoy Seth Aaron’s style and Anthony’s hilarious attitude. So many of the designers were boring and forgettable. Season 8 was one of my very favorites. Mondo won me over the second I saw him. His own style was so dorky and endearing, while his designs were stunning, colorful, and whimsical. For the other seasons, see: seasons 1 and 2, seasons 3 and 4, seasons 5 and 6.

Seth Aaron Henderson – episode Back to New York

Amy Sarabi – episode The Fashion Farm

Jay Nicholas Sario – episode The Fashion Farm

Jay Nicholas Sario – episode Run for Cover

Jesse LeNoir – episode A Little Bit of Fashion

Seth Aaron Henderson – episode Hey, That’s My Fabric

Seth Aaron Henderson – episode Finale Collection

Mondo Guerra – episode Larger Than Life

Andy South – episode It’s a Party

Mondo Guerra – episode A Rough Day on the Runway

April Johnston – episode Race to the Finish

Mondo Guerra – episode There’s a Pattern Here

Mondo Guerra – episode Finale Collection


Today Tiffany showed me BHLDN, Anthropologie’s new wedding line. The wedding gowns are gorgeous, albeit expensive, the bridal party dresses are whimsical and fun and the hairpieces are stunning. I would have loved to choose from one of these had we arranged a larger wedding (and had a larger budget). Simply beautiful!

Best of Project Runway: Seasons 5 and 6

Here are my favorite looks from Project Runway’s seasons 5 and 6. I loved season 5 for Leanne’s structural and whimsical clothes and Kenley’s 40’s flair and horrible personality. Season 6 was probably my least favorite season and I wasn’t thrilled with the move from New York to Los Angeles. I thought the talent wasn’t as great and the personalities weren’t as fun. See also: Best of Project Runway: Seasons 1 and 2 and Best of Project Runway: Seasons 3 and 4.

Kenley Collins – episode Let’s Start from the Beginning

Leanne Marshall – episode Bright Lights/Big City

Joe Faris – episode Good Queen Fun

Leanne Marshall – episode Fashion That Drives You

Jerrell Scott – episode Transformation

Leanne Marshall – episode Finale Collection

Kenley Collins – episode Finale Collection

Christopher Straub – episode Fashion Headliners

Irina Shabayeva – episode Fashion Headliners

Epperson – episode Lights, Camera, Sew!

Irina Shabayeva – episode Finale Collection

Carol Hannah Whitfield – episode Finale Collection
Althea Harper – episode Finale Collection

Best of Project Runway: Seasons 3 and 4

Not long ago I posted some of my favorite looks from Project Runway: Seasons 1 and 2. Here are a few of my favorites from seasons 3 and 4. Season 4 was by far my favorite. Love it.

Angela Keslar – episode Iconic Statement

Michael Knight – episode Waste Not, Want Not

Jeffrey Sebelia – episode Waste Not, Want Not

Jeffrey Sebelia – episode Couture du Jour

Jillian Lewis – episode Trendsetter

Christian Siriano and Chris March – episode En Garde!

Jillian Lewis and Victorya Hong – episode En Garde!

Sweet P Vaughn – episode Even Designers Get the Blues

Chris March – episode Raw Talent

Jillian Lewis – episode Finale Collection
Christian Siriano – episode Finale Collection

Best of Project Runway: Seasons 1 and 2

I’ve been working on a lot of design over the past week, so I’ve been watching marathons of Project Runway in the background. I’m not much into fashion for myself, but I do love seeing the cool things they come up with. Here are my favorite looks from seasons 1 and 2.

Kara Saun – episode Vision

Jay McCarroll – episode Design a Collection

Jay McCarroll – episode Finale Collection

Santino Rice – episode Road to the Runway

Chloe Dao – episode Clothes Off Your Back

Nick Verreos – episode All Dolled Up

Daniel Vosovic – episode Inspiration

Chloe Dao – episode Finale Collection