Fortune Cookie Coin Purse

Just a few of my favorite things combined into one adorable accessory: Diana Eng’s whimsical design, Asian inspired fashion, and things that look like food, but aren’t. I love these coin purses by the Project Runawy alum. They are made from recycled leather and each one is unique. They also include a printed fortune inside. While $65 is a little steep for a coin purse, I still can’t help but swoon.

Wes Anderson Tribute

Lately I’ve been obsessed with finding fun and different art for our house. I’ve had my eye on these prints by Tim Doyle, made for a Wes Anderson tribute show. I am enamored with Anderson’s films and love Doyle’s illustrated scenes. I’m just about to make the leap and order these and I can’t wait to hang them on my walls.


Let’s See a Little More Effort

I often like to browse the aisles of my local Best Buy to see the various DVD cover designs. Modern movies are constantly breaking barriers in creativity, technology, and visual appeal. That same dedication and innovation is rarely translated into the artwork for DVD releases. The genre that obviously doesn’t give much thought to “aisle appeal” is Romantic Comedy. I’ve noticed an alarming pattern in romantic comedy DVD cover art: photos of the actors divided by a white “title bar” or photos of the film with the star standing in front. All these movies look the same and tell the buyer nothing about the potentially amazing storyline or hilarious star performances. It also looks like they simply go to the same designer, who has somehow convinced them this is the best way to represent their films on the shelf. So romantic comedies, bust out of your comfort zone and let’s see some creativity up in here.

Best of Project Runway: Seasons 7 and 8

Another collection of my favorite looks from Project Runway seasons 7 and 8. Although I didn’t love season 7, I did enjoy Seth Aaron’s style and Anthony’s hilarious attitude. So many of the designers were boring and forgettable. Season 8 was one of my very favorites. Mondo won me over the second I saw him. His own style was so dorky and endearing, while his designs were stunning, colorful, and whimsical. For the other seasons, see: seasons 1 and 2, seasons 3 and 4, seasons 5 and 6.

Seth Aaron Henderson – episode Back to New York

Amy Sarabi – episode The Fashion Farm

Jay Nicholas Sario – episode The Fashion Farm

Jay Nicholas Sario – episode Run for Cover

Jesse LeNoir – episode A Little Bit of Fashion

Seth Aaron Henderson – episode Hey, That’s My Fabric

Seth Aaron Henderson – episode Finale Collection

Mondo Guerra – episode Larger Than Life

Andy South – episode It’s a Party

Mondo Guerra – episode A Rough Day on the Runway

April Johnston – episode Race to the Finish

Mondo Guerra – episode There’s a Pattern Here

Mondo Guerra – episode Finale Collection

Best of Project Runway: Seasons 5 and 6

Here are my favorite looks from Project Runway’s seasons 5 and 6. I loved season 5 for Leanne’s structural and whimsical clothes and Kenley’s 40’s flair and horrible personality. Season 6 was probably my least favorite season and I wasn’t thrilled with the move from New York to Los Angeles. I thought the talent wasn’t as great and the personalities weren’t as fun. See also: Best of Project Runway: Seasons 1 and 2 and Best of Project Runway: Seasons 3 and 4.

Kenley Collins – episode Let’s Start from the Beginning

Leanne Marshall – episode Bright Lights/Big City

Joe Faris – episode Good Queen Fun

Leanne Marshall – episode Fashion That Drives You

Jerrell Scott – episode Transformation

Leanne Marshall – episode Finale Collection

Kenley Collins – episode Finale Collection

Christopher Straub – episode Fashion Headliners

Irina Shabayeva – episode Fashion Headliners

Epperson – episode Lights, Camera, Sew!

Irina Shabayeva – episode Finale Collection

Carol Hannah Whitfield – episode Finale Collection
Althea Harper – episode Finale Collection

Best of Project Runway: Seasons 3 and 4

Not long ago I posted some of my favorite looks from Project Runway: Seasons 1 and 2. Here are a few of my favorites from seasons 3 and 4. Season 4 was by far my favorite. Love it.

Angela Keslar – episode Iconic Statement

Michael Knight – episode Waste Not, Want Not

Jeffrey Sebelia – episode Waste Not, Want Not

Jeffrey Sebelia – episode Couture du Jour

Jillian Lewis – episode Trendsetter

Christian Siriano and Chris March – episode En Garde!

Jillian Lewis and Victorya Hong – episode En Garde!

Sweet P Vaughn – episode Even Designers Get the Blues

Chris March – episode Raw Talent

Jillian Lewis – episode Finale Collection
Christian Siriano – episode Finale Collection

Best of Project Runway: Seasons 1 and 2

I’ve been working on a lot of design over the past week, so I’ve been watching marathons of Project Runway in the background. I’m not much into fashion for myself, but I do love seeing the cool things they come up with. Here are my favorite looks from seasons 1 and 2.

Kara Saun – episode Vision

Jay McCarroll – episode Design a Collection

Jay McCarroll – episode Finale Collection

Santino Rice – episode Road to the Runway

Chloe Dao – episode Clothes Off Your Back

Nick Verreos – episode All Dolled Up

Daniel Vosovic – episode Inspiration

Chloe Dao – episode Finale Collection