Disney Princesses as Sloths

Artist Phillip Light created this hilariously cute illustration series depicting Disney princesses as sloths. See the whole collection at his tumbler: philliplight.tumblr.com


Cardboard Sculptures by Daniel Agdag

Um, seriously? These cardboard sculptures by Daniel Agdag are unbelievable! Tiny and intricate details, hauntingly lit, and mesmerizing to look at. I am so impressed. I especially love the shots of the artist working; it really puts the delicacy of the work into perspective.

source, source


Simon Monk’s Secret Identity

Painter Simon Monk has created a masterful series titled Secret Identity. The series depicts photorealistic superhero action figures in plastic bags. My particular favorite is Clark Kent. I can only exist in awe of his talent. Absolutely beautiful.

View More of the Secret Identity series


Neil Gaiman Commencement Speech

The kind of commencement speech every art student deserves. Inspirational.


Vessels and Blooms

Wow. Photographer Jack Long takes un-altered, single-capture shots of splashing liquid meant to look like flowers and vases. Takes high-speed photography to a new level and kind of blows my mind. Well done.

New Life_3377sig
Spring Rose_3250
Cauldron_3264 EXPLORE 2011_04_08


Extreme Sized Things

As I’ve stated many times before, I’m simply enamored with things that are miniature and those that are oversized. Lately, three artists have caught my eye who deal with extreme proportions.

The first is Carrie M. Becker, who created a Hoarders inspired, Barbie-sized mess. She created amazingly detailed, doll-sized rooms filled to the brim with clutter and garbage. Especially wonderful is the neatly organized “after the intervention” room. Bravo.

The second artist is Jean-Francois Fourtou, who shoots beautifully surreal portraits of seemingly miniature and oversized people. His photos trick the eye and are both deceiving and charming.

And lastly, I’ve fallen in love with the work of Shay Aaaron, who creates impeccable food replicas at the tiniest scale. I still can’t believe he can manage that level of detail from sculpting clay, let alone at that size. He sells his creations as jewelry in his Etsy store, and I must say, I want them all.


Atelier Olschinsky

In love with these amazingly detailed cityscapes by Atelier Olschinsky, a creative duo in Vienna, Austria. I was instantly drawn to the delicacy of the lines and graphic color blocks. Very cool.


The Office Cast on La Grande Jatte

The cast of one of my favorite shows meets Seurat’s post-impressionist masterpiece. Love it.

image from nbc.com


Genetic Portraits

Canadian photographer Ulric Collette’s latest project Genetic Portraits is pretty incredible. He seamlessly composites photographs of two family members together, demonstrating familial similarities and also his badass photoshop skillz. Color me impressed. Check out the rest here: Ulric Collette: Genetic Portraits.