Cooking Steaks

Crossing off another item on my 26 before 26 list, #25: Learn to properly cook a steak. I was very fortunate growing up that I had two parents who knew how to cook well. I do regret not learning more from them, so I’ve decided to start. The first and easiest cooking technique, I thought, would be learning how to make steak like they do: always juicy and delicious. My dad walked me through the marinade, the grill, and monitoring temperatures. It was easier than I’d thought and they turned out amazing. I can’t wait to start cooking more at home!

Wedding Books

Crossing off another item on my 26 before 26 list, #26: Create wedding books for my parents and in-laws.

For two years, I’ve been meaning to make a wedding scrapbook of some sort for my parents and Clay’s parents. Scrapbooks can sometimes look cheesy or too craftsy, so I decided to use Apple’s iPhoto printing services. It’s quick, easy, and looks great. I’ll be sending these out this weekend and I hope they like them!

Crosley Portable Record Player

I decided to hit the ground running on my 26 before 26 list. I’m crossing off #7: Get a record player.

I used to own a record player, but gave it to my former roommate when I moved out. I didn’t know where I’d be living permanently and just didn’t have the space. (It was a console with built in speakers, about the size of a low dresser.) I’d been planning on getting another one, but didn’t know what kind. I wanted something small and portable and didn’t want to hook it up to a sound system. I searched online and decided on the Crosley AV Portable USB Turntable from Urban Outfitters.

After bringing it home, I pulled out my collection of pop-punk records and finally sorted through the box of LPs I’d been storing in my hall closet. About a year ago, my best friend’s dad was planning on dumping all of his vinyl so I took it off his hands. There are a few gems in there, so I’m glad I did. After a few plays, I’m definitely happy with my purchase. It’s not the best sound quality and any audiophile would probably sneer at it. But listening to Simon and Garfunkel has never been quite so fun. I do wish there was a speaker in the front, but it fills my small living room well.

26 before 26

Recently I’ve been trying to follow through more reliably on things I commit to. It’s easy to be excited about a project and give up before or shortly after I’ve started. I saw a list like this on a blog somewhere and I liked the idea: a finite list of things to complete in a finite amount of time. These are a handful of things (in no particular order) I’ve been wanting to do, but have trouble finding the motivation, time, or opportunity. Having a list will make it easier and more fun to cross each item off as I complete them. It is 232 days until I turn 26, so I’d better get started.

  1. Replace guest bathtub.
  2. Take a weekend trip to Sedona.Done!
  3. Paint the kitchen cabinets.
  4. Read and return all borrowed books.Done!
  5. Have a smores party.
  6. Paint a picture for myself.
  7. Get a record player.Done!
  8. Build a piece of furniture.
  9. See Fountains of Wayne in concert.Done!
  10. Learn how to change a tire.
  11. Host a poker night.
  12. Reconnect with an old friend.Done!
  13. Replace master bathroom shower.Done!
  14. Try snowboarding again.
  15. Watch The Godfather.Done!
  16. Take a city tour of Phoenix.
  17. Organize the garage.Done!
  18. Take a pottery class.
  19. Reduce my private debt by one fourth.
  20. Digitally organize and archive all photos.Done!
  21. Lose 15 pounds.Done!
  22. Stay up all night and watch the sun rise.
  23. Refresh and customize an old piece of furniture.
  24. Buy a nice set of dishes and flatware.
  25. Learn to properly cook a steak.Done!
  26. Create wedding books for my parents and in-laws.Done!